November 29

A Song for Advent I: “He’s Alive”

December is the month when we not only celebrate Christmas but ‘Advent’ as well.

Since Jesus is the reason for the season, and his life story did not stop at his birth, we would like to complete the Jesus narrative by featuring songs that will also highlight his life on earth, his death, his resurrection, and finally, his advent.

First on our list would be a Don Franciso song called “He’s Alive.”
It was released in 1977 and won a Dove Award as the Song of the Year in 1980. It also made Don Francisco the Song Writer of the year.

Known for his narrative style in songwriting, Don wrote this piece from the perspective of the apostle Peter. He tells Peter’s experience of witnessing Jesus’ resurrection. Not an easy feat for far from emotionalism, he has to really immerse himself in the person of Peter. He has to imagine how it felt to live in the first century, and even more so, is the consideration of Peter’s relationship with Jesus. Following the gruesome crucifixion and his depression from denying his Lord thrice, hope was renewed in Peter’s heart when he heard this great news! The outcome is one that has fervency on every line and escalates as it peaks to its conclusion: the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This kind of song then requires an equally passionate singer who has both intent and intensity in her delivery. And our pick is Dolly Parton.

Witness the fired up Dolly Parton interprets “He’s Alive.”

The four gospel books may have ended with Jesus’ return to the heavens. But that’s just half the story. A lot has happened since that fateful day of his advent and this anticipated time of his second coming. Until then, let us keep preparing ourselves and observe not just Christmas, but also Advent.


Dolly Parton, Don Francisco, gospel

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