February 1

Let’s Join Don Everly as He Celebrates His 82nd Birthday Today

This is one of the happiest events that some people look forward to. Others, hate it because another year will be added to their age. Anyhow, age is just a number, as long as the person is strong and healthy then that should be okay.

By the way, what is your most unforgettable birthday experience? And what do you usually do on this special occasion? Do you have a tradition to follow or do you just spend the time with your loved ones? Also, we only live once so let us go ahead and create unforgettable memories. But for now, let’s greet our birthday celebrator, Don Everly, once again, happy birthday!

The Loving Brother

He was born on February 1, 1937, as Isaac Donald “Don” Everly to a coal miner father. Even though they don’t have that much as a family, Don grew up in a loving and caring household. Moreover, he showed interest in the music industry at an early age. There is no doubt because his father was also a talented guitarist. I guess talent runs in the family. By the time he was eight years old, he began performing. And, his first gig was on his father’s radio show in Iowa. Well, that is a nice exposure to prepare themselves in the real world of the music industry. In addition, he played alongside with his brother Phil and their parents. That must be a nice family bonding.

Let’s Join Don Everly as He Celebrates His 82nd Birthday Today 1
Don Everly: Official Facebook Home Page

It was not long enough when the brothers formed the group The Everly Brothers in 1951. Further, this duo’s breakthrough slammed the charts, and they were able to receive numerous awards and recognition. Their contribution and legacy to the music industry will always be honored and remembered. But hey, let’s not be dramatic and enjoy this day because it’s a special day for Don Everly. We hope you all the best!



Don Everly, The Everly Brothers

  • Hello Don, Happy belated Birthday,and thank you for all of the beautiful music that you and your brother made.

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