September 26

Don & Emmylou’s Soulful Duet

Enjoy this soulful singing by two of Country’s Greats, Don, and Emmylou of this top dollar love song, If I Needed You. Guaranteed, you would relish listening to the sweetness in Emmylou’s voice and that familiar, experiential wisdom in Don’s.


Even though I am not a sucker for love songs, it is worth discussing the content. I say that the lyricist was a genius! The thought was simple, but the words were creative. Take the following as a sample:

Baby’s with me now since I showed her how,
To lay her lily hand in mine.
Who could ill agree, she’s a sight to see:
A treasure for the poor to find.

Put it simply, it is an expression of the male lover’s joy because finally, after much pining and longing, he was able to win his beloved’s heart. Now, it takes good imagination for one to spin words describing such emotion into a lovely sonnet.

Another take for the song’s interpretation is that of both lovers having the same values in a relationship. Those would be loyalty and commitment. Again, the song masterfully highlights that beautiful bond of being each other’s confidante and happiness.

Regardless of your interpretation, this is another love song for keeps. Maybe something you could slow dance to on anniversaries or something to jazz up your romance when familiarity is starting to take its toll on your relationship.


The composer, Townes Van Zandt, said that he dreamed of himself as a folk singer and that the song was his hit. Well, his dream was not far from reality. “If I Needed You” chartered well as a single in 1981. It was No. 3 on US Billboard for Hot Country Songs and No. 1 on Canadian RPM Tracks.

Other covers were made by Joey + Rory, Guy Clark, Lyle Lovett, and Doc Watson.


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