January 29

Beautiful Soul Dolly and Her Humbling Song,” The Seeker”

Don’t go skipping to the singing yet. Listen to Dolly talk about the song she wrote. Be blessed by this wonderful lady and her heart.

Dolly Parton in “The Seeker

Song’s Anatomy

From start to finish, it is an acknowledgment that a person is nothing without God.

Dolly penned it beginning with the pre- Christ state. Then follows how useless a person is without his continuing presence to lead and to guide. In the concluding verse, God was referred to as a mountain to represent his dependability and his flowing fountain as the richness of his grace.

Her Talk with God

That’s how Dolly herself described her song. While in her season of brokenness, those humbling words came pouring out. Strengthened, she shared it out that it may be a blessing to all who may listen.

Prayer is Simply a Talk with God

Shouldn’t be the same to us? Like Dolly, let’s treat our prayers as our ‘talk’ with God. He does not need to see formalities in our demeanor and lots of buttering him up through our words. He simply wants us to be real on what we think and how we really feel. He’s our Father and we are his children. Let our conversation with him be such.

Prayer as a Dialogue

Have you had any experience with kids just rambling and he wouldn’t let you cut him off? Well, that’s the same with our prayers when all we do is to just mumble. God does not just listen. He talks, too. Quiet the noise in your mind whenever you talk with him and wait for his response. Will you hear a voice from an invisible force? Don’t be silly. It’s your spirit that will hear God’s Spirit talking to you.

That’s how soulful poems and songs like Dolly’s were conceived. The next time you pray, be sure to listen as well as talk with God.


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