July 29

Dolly Parton on Her Massive Success: It All Boils Down to Faith

Some successful artists credit their success to hard work while others attribute it to personal inspirations like family or a significant other. However, for the lovely Dolly Parton, all she has attained in life from her humble beginnings up to the present cannot be owed to her doings alone. Since day one, Dolly has always been able to stand on her feet because of her solid faith in Jesus.


Dolly Parton on Her Massive Success: It All Boils Down to Faith 1

It is rare to encounter an artist with so much passion and dedication for what their faith is. For Dolly, life has never been a walk in the park. She endured countless struggles and she was constantly thrown challenges as she climbed her way to the ladder of success. She grew up in a family of 12 children in the rural area of Appalachia. While her family didn’t have much, Dolly recalls how her mom would always sing to her and her siblings. It was her mother’s angelic voice that soon led Dolly to sing in the church where her grandfather ministered.

Having spent most of her childhood days in the church, the country royalty also grew to make Jesus the center of her every waking day and instill into her mind that she is loved by Him. It opened her eyes to the possibilities of life. “I keep all that stuff very close to my heart. I grew up knowing that Jesus loves me. And I knew that through God all things were possible.

Dolly remained faithful even when her fellow artists turned to drugs, alcohol, and sex. She focused on Jesus because she was confident in her heart that it was Jesus Himself who led her into the path of landing a career in music. Although Dolly started writing her own songs, playing the guitar, and appearing on local television channels for her performances at the tender age of ten, she decided to wait until God gave her a “big break” she had always yearned for.

After moving to Nashville, Tennessee, the legendary country-pop icon was discovered by none other than Porter Washington. It earned Dolly a spot on the variety show. She shone brightly and earned the favors of many fans until she went separate ways in 1974 and left the show. More blessings came her way as Jolene made a successful hit after its initial release.

Dolly puts God first in everything she does. For instance, when she produces beautifully arranged lyrics, she does not mind giving God all the credit.

Any time I wrote something that is just a line that I know didn’t come from me, I just sort of say, ‘Hey, give me a high five, Lord. Give me a thumb’s up.

What’s even more surprising about Dolly is that even her efforts turn out to be an instrument to other people’s successes, she remains faithful and instead, chooses to embrace the mysterious way that God works.

The interview proves that Dolly isn’t just all talk when it comes to matters of faith and believing. She puts her mind and heart into action as she offers all that she does to her undying love for God.

Need something to uplift your spirits? Watch Dolly Parton’s inspiring video below:


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