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Dolly Parton Covered Collective Soul’s Single “Shine”

“Shine” is a popular song in the early ’90s. It was written by the lead singer, Ed Roland of the band Collective Soul. He wrote the song in 1989 while sitting in his parents’ living room with Dean Roland (the guitarist of the band). The song is often confused as a Christian song. Even the band were labeled as a Christian band. However, Ed Roland made it clear that they weren’t a Christian band.

Is It a Gospel Song?

As you listen to the song’s lyrics, it seems like it is a Christian song, or let’s say a gospel song. The tune did not only mention the word ‘Heaven,’ but also delivers a message that implies spirituality. Whether this song is a Christian song or not, it has a beautiful meaning that will give us hope.

Different Covers

The popularity of the song made various artists cover it. It was recorded by Dolly Parton, The Holmes Brothers, Pillar, and more. However, we’ll focus on the wonderful rendition of Dolly Parton. It was her amazing vocals that caught our attention.

Dolly Parton Shine
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Dolly Parton’s Version of “Shine”

Dolly Parton included the song “Shine” on her album Little Sparrow. She recorded the song with the band Nickel Creek. Nobody can resist this standout cover of Dolly. She has captured many including the Grammy’s. Her song won the Grammy Award for Best Female Country Vocal Performance.

Let’s check out her award-winning cover of “Shine.”

Her Top Performing Album

Her album Little Sparrow entered three Billboard charts. First, it placed at number three on the Independent Albums chart. Second, it reached number twelve on the Top Country Albums chart. And last, the album scored the ninety-seventh spot on the Billboard 200. This was the second part of the trilogy album she began releasing in 1999.

All About the Song

The song “Shine” talks about a man asking someone (God) for a sign or help because he seems to be lost. He asks heaven to shine its light to be his guide.

Oh, Heaven let your light shine down


Whether you consider this as a gospel song or not, it doesn’t matter. What we can all agree on is that Dolly Parton really did an excellent job covering the song.


Dolly Parton, Little Sparrow, shine

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