July 30

Dolly Parton Goes Nostalgic with Rod Stewart and Cher


Through a post she made on July 27, Thursday, Dolly took her fans to a trip down memory lane by sharing an old photo she shared with two of her most iconic friends—Cher and Rod Stewart. On her Instagram account, Dolly captioned the photo, “She had both of us on her television special, Cher…Special in 1978! #tbt

It was truly a rare instance to be able to capture all three highly acclaimed artists in one picture, sharing smiles and laughter with each other. Cher’s one-off television show special aired on April 3, 1978, on ABC. When Dolly was invited to the show, it was right after the successful hit of her then-latest album, Here You Come Again. The country singer sported her signature look—big, bold platinum hair as she excitedly graced the show’s stage. Aside from her album, they also had a quite a lot of laughs to offer to the audience as Dolly spiritedly joined comedic sketches prepped for the show and performed her popular hits, including Two Doors Down.

One of the funniest moments that Cher and Dolly shared on that particular stage was when they exchanged a hilarious banter in the form of a roleplayed “girl talk” at work. Their dialogue consisted nothing but song titles and lyrics, making the presentation catchier and more entertaining for the audience. The duo also brought smiles and awes after collaborating for a fiery performance of “A Musical Battle to Save Cher’s Soul.”

Dolly’s guest stint on the said show was not just a hearty memory for her. She earned an Emmy nomination after her appearance on Cher Special that made such a huge hit to the audience worldwide.

All in all, Dolly Parton’s sharing of an old memory with Cher and Rod Stewart shows that treasuring friendships and fond memories through the years, especially in a very competitive and highly pressuring industry, is pretty cool and encouraging.

Watch Cher and Dolly Parton’s unforgettable performance below!



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