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Dolly Parton’s “I’ve Really Got The Feeling,” a 1979 No. 1 Hit

The beauty of Dolly Parton

Producing Dolly’s Career

The peak years of Dolly Parton’s career happened with the help of two teams of associates. First, Sandy Gallin who took over the management of her career. Second, Dolly Parton joined The Entertainment Company, owned by Charles Koppelman with Gary Klein as its sole producer. Both men were associated with finding material, Koppelman with overseeing the overall picture and Klein handling the details of the recording process.

The credentials of Gary Klein was already quite impressive even before he worked with Dolly Parton.  His production credits include Glen Campbell’s “Southern Nights,” “The Lady Came From Baltimore” by Johnny Cash and many more.

From Long Island, Gary Klein needed to split his time between home and Sound Labs in Hollywood. He had a crazy schedule and it became unmanageable. He would fly home on Friday and head back to L.A. Sunday night to record Monday morning. That situation was very tiring for him, however, he kept onto that schedule during the peak years of his career’s.

Gary Klein was the only producer on Dolly Parton’s album, “Here You Come Again.” However, the following album “Heartbreaker,” Dolly took on a co-production role. In addition, it was for her to stay true to herself and not to drift away from who she was. She wrote the greatest part of the songs on the album and being more involved on to the production end also helped.

The 10th No. 1 Hit

“I Really Got The Feeling” was the first single in the “Heartbreaker” album. It was the first hit written by Billy Vera. He gained prominence in 1987 with his No. 1 pop record “At This Moment.” Dolly Parton’s “I Really Got The Feeling” entered the Billboard Country Singles Chart over the Thanksgiving weekend in 1978. It climbed to the top and reaching it January 20, 1979, marking Dolly Parton’s 10th No. 1 hit.


Dolly Parton

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