September 20

Dolly Parton and Julio Iglesias’ ‘When You Tell Me that You Love Me’ Duet

Many people would get absolute giggles whenever two of their favorite artists had a mind-blowing rendition of a classic. It gets absolutely quintessential when two artists from different genre of music collided together for a sweet and flawless song designed to swoon anyone’s feet. One of the perfect examples would be the Spanish songwriter and crooner, Julio Iglesias who teamed up with Dolly Parton for Iglesias’ 1994 album ‘Crazy.’

If you’ll think of it, it’s a bit crazy to anticipate how a Latin singer could blend perfectly with the songstress’ country vocals. Surprisingly, it did work.

When You Tell Me That You Love Me, Julio Iglesias ft Dolly Parton

Julio Iglesias is undeniably an icon in his own right. He is a celebrated Spanish singer who has recorded songs in the most languages in the world. In 2013, he was hailed as the Latin artist with most records sold in history. Consecutively, he is the most successful European singer in the world. This is definitely another story if we start to discuss many of his accolades and bragging rights as an artist.

On the other hand, our girl Dolly is someone who would also brave questioning when it comes to achievements as an artist. It’ll definitely take more than one article to describe how accomplished Dolly Parton has become.

Both definitely gave their all in When You Tell Me That You Love Me duet and the chemistry between the two artists are very obvious.

Watch their touching performance here:


When You Tell Me That You Love Me Lyrics

I wanna feel this way longer than time
I wanna know your dreams and make them mine
I wanna change the world, only for you
All the impossible, I wanna do

I wanna hold you close under the rain
I wanna kiss your smile and feel your pain
I know what’s beautiful, looking at you
Here in a world of lies, you are the truth

And baby
Everytime you touch me, I become a hero
I’ll make you safe no matter where you are
And bring you anything you ask for, nothing is above me
I’m shining like a candle in the dark
When you tell me that you love me



Dolly Parton, Julio Iglesias, when you tell me that you love me

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