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Dolly Parton’s “Tennessee Homesick Blues” and the Story of the Song

Have you ever been homesick? It’s not a great feeling, because aside from feeling down, your dreams can be put on hold, and your relationship with other people can be affected. This is how Dolly Parton felt in her song  “Tennessee Homesick Blues.”

Dolly Parton Tennessee Homesick Blues
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The Story of the Song

Parton wrote a song in 1984 about a young lady who moved to New York to chase her dreams. However, she was finding New York to be a tough place for her. People in the city seems to be unfriendly to her, and she has no friends, which add up to the anxiety she felt. She remembers her hometown Tennessee, and how beautiful it is. Her life in her town was simple, yet beautiful, that’s what makes her miss it the most.

Good lord have mercy on a country girl

Tryin’ to make a living in a rhinestone world

It’s hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world

With Tennessee homesick blues runnin’ through my head

I’ve got those Tennessee homesick blues runnin’ through my head

Tennessee homesick blues


“Tennessee Homesick Blues” Performance

In 1984, Dolly Parton released her self-penned song “Tennessee Homesick Blues.” The song became one of the soundtracks to the movie Rhinestone. Furthermore, Parton’s single reached number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart, making this her sixteenth number one song.

The Movie Rhinestone

The movie Rhinestone is a story about a country singer (Dolly Parton) who wanted to get out of her work contract. She told her club manager (Ron Leibman) that she can turn any man into a country singer. The manager then chooses a taxi driver (Sylvester Stallone) with no experience in singing, and who hates country music. Therefore, the country singer was stuck with the cab driver. She was given two weeks to finish the bet. What do you think happens then?


Dolly Parton, rhinestone, Tennessee Homesick Blues

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