November 26

Let’s Listen to Dolly Parton and Her New Coat with Many Colors

Throughout our lifetime, we always chase physical wealth and it’s everyone’s dream to be rich. But, we are forgetting the true treasure that we should be banking on — our spiritual prosperity. Hence, this other kind of prosperity will not knock on our door with a giant check made out of our names. The thing is, we need to open our mind and spirit in a different way of perception, a different way of understanding change and it may lead in having the abundance in our lives. Here is a hit from Dolly Parton that may leave us some thoughts to ponder.

The Multi-Talented Woman

Dolly Rebecca Parton, popularly known as simply Dolly Parton, first rose to fame as a songwriter. Also, she has been an excellent songwriter with her masterpiece always on the charts. Anyhow, the tables turned in 1967 when Parton decided to become a professional singer. Don’t underestimate this blonde woman because she knows how to push a song to the charts. In addition, her sales and chart standing peaked later after that year.

With her success in the Music Industry, Dolly Parton was able to create her own music label and she is the most honored female artist in the industry. Plus, Parton is a living legend and icon to the rising artists of this generation.

What is the True Meaning of Being Wealthy?

“Coat of Many Colors” was released in 1971 and it was written and recorded by the country superstar Dolly Parton. For the record, this song was her favorite masterpiece she has ever written. The hit talks about a poor child who wore a jacket that was repaired by her mother. Further, if we will study the lyrics, it is obvious that the child’s family doesn’t have that much as far as material wealth is concerned.

Dolly Parton was superb in creating this masterpiece. Anyhow, she made us realize that physical wealth is not important in this world. As long as we have love, understanding, and peace within us we are wealthy. Even more, let us not focus on the superficial aspect of life, but let’s focus on what’s going to happen after our life journey ends.


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