October 21

Listen: Dolly Parton’s Gives Undying Hope in “Chemo Hero”

Pictured as a fairy in blue on her album cover, American country singer and probably deserves the heaven sent diva, Dolly Parton decided to take a different path this time to include in her arsenal of firsts. Last September 29 2017, Dolly Parton released her first children’s album ‘I Believe in You.’ Considering that Parton is idolized by many children given her influence, this will definitely be a successful feat for the Jolene songstress. Meanwhile, one her songs give a particularly different theme than just making children dance more. Her song, ‘Chemo Hero’ inspired by her niece gives a little bit of courage and hope to children battling a chronic disease.

Chemo Hero, Dolly Parton

The theme of Dolly Parton’s ‘I Believe in You’ was based off the themes of books in her children’s library, ‘Imagination Library’ but two of her songs was inspired of her niece who successfully battled leukemia. In her interview with Jam! Music, Parton shared about the story behind this song:

“My little niece Hannah Dennison, the daughter of my baby sister Rachel, had leukemia when she was four. Until she was nine years old we weren’t sure that we were going to be able to keep her and she was being treated over at Vanderbilt Hospital here. And when she was ill I used to write all these songs for her, put ’em down to sing, and for her to listen to while she was getting well and going through her treatments and everything. So she’s 29 now and so she’s absolutely my chemo hero. I thought I would just put that in along with ‘Brave Little Soldier.’ Those two songs are two of the songs that I wrote for her when she was sick.”

Props to you Dolly, you have the kindest heart in the country industry.

Listen to the track below and buy it on Itunes if you must!


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