March 13

Dolly & the Christian Ethic of Governing the Tongue

Our Book Lady lives out the values of the Holy Book when she refused to be coerced in badmouthing Pres. Trump.

The “tongue” as the apostle James described, is but a small part of the body yet a powerful one. It’s like a fire that if left untamed, can cause irreparable damage. Hence, the need for disciplined use- for God’s honor and for the benefit of others.

It is a universal and understood principle in Christendom not to hold non-Christians to the standards of our faith. As a Christian-professing Hollywood star, the application is fair to Dolly Parton.
Dolly & the Christian Ethic of Governing the Tongue 1

To our joy, she did not fail to live up to the ethics of governing the tongue. Referencing a clip of Jane Fonda from a 1980’s Hollywood film “9 to 5,” ABC’s Nightline host wanted Dolly to spill her two cents against Pres. Trump for his crude behaviors against women. Politely, she told the interviewer that she has her own opinion just like everyone and she opts not to offend anyone.  Still, the interviewer was persistent and tried to prod her to comment by using the “role-model” card.

Instead of weaseling around the provocation, her witty response would have caught the host off-guard. She told him point-blank that she really is a” role – model” because she does not talk about people.

No “Trump-Bashing” for Dolly Parton

Now that’s an epitome of a gracious lady! She did not give in to the pressure of calling out the higher powers while maintaining composure in her demeanor. She later cited that her choice of keeping her political opinions to herself was the influence of having a Republican father and a mother that was a Democrat.

Do you agree that Dolly Parton made the right move in the above interview clip? Feel free to share your thoughts below. 


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