July 30

10 Reasons Why Dogs Make the Best Cuddle Buddies

Are you a pet lover and are debating whether to let your furry buddy sleep with you in your comfy bed or not? Well, fret not because we’ve gathered 10 awesome reasons why you should give room in your bed for your adorable dogs!


10 Reasons Why Dogs Make the Best Cuddle Buddies 1

1. Dogs provide security

Dogs are very keen on their surroundings and they are also known to sense danger very quickly. This trait is especially enhanced when your dog is well-trained. At the same time, dogs are super loyal that will ensure you are safe when you are at your most vulnerable state. There have also been cases where dogs were responsible for waking up their humans from a terrible nightmare.

2. They make your bed warmer and cozier

Dogs are furry and full of love. Sleeping beside them will surely make your bed warmer since they also have the tendency to curl up closer to their beloved humans as a sign of comfort and satisfaction.

3. They help ease stress and anxiety

Through their rhythmic breathing and the warmth they exude in their bodies, it’s no wonder how you would instantly feel calmer and at ease when you’re beside them. Aside from their protective nature, dogs are also very attentive to their human’s needs, making them the perfect companion especially if you are extremely anxious or are emotionally stressed out.

4. They promote better sleep and fight off bouts of insomnia

Dogs help keep away all the troubles and stressful emotions that keep you up late at night. If you can’t calm your thoughts at night or are often restless during the wee hours of daybreak, maybe a fuzzy, soothing bed buddy is what you need to finally be in dreamland zone.

5. They are also known contributors to battling depression

As dogs are known to be very loving and devoted, this can prove to be very beneficial for people suffering from depression. Just the thought of having someone love and accept you without question helps alleviate negative thoughts and feelings.

6. They have been found to regulate blood pressure

According to an experiment conducted by 60 male and female participants, dogs can be very helpful for people with hypertension. In the research, the participants’ blood pressures were measured while they were conversing with another individual, as well as when they petted or came into contact with a dog. After comparing the results for both encounters, the results showed that their blood pressure was significantly lower when they petted the dog as compared to when they were talking to another person.

7. Dogs promote better health for kids

Based on research, children who have pet dogs are more likely to develop a sense of responsibility, compassion and stronger immunity to allergies and asthma as they grow older. Dogs also help promote safety and reassurance for kids while improving their mental health. For instance, dogs provide comfort and security when kids are away from their parents. They can also guide kids with autism to enforce verbal communication more and ultimately apply it to enhance how they interact with other people.

8. Reinforces the bond you share with your dog

You may not notice it at first but sleeping with your dog lets you reciprocate warmth and feelings of positivity with each other. You will feel protected and cared for by your dog, while your furry friend is reassured that they mean as much to you as you do to them.

9. Dogs can prep you to love mornings more

Most of the time, dogs wake up earlier than their humans. Whether they are either hungry, need to heed nature’s call or are simply ready for the day, their contagious energy will surely find yourself stepping out of the bed and welcoming the sunshine. No more hitting snooze this time!

10. Your dogs will be at a full advantage, too.

Allowing your dog to share your personal space with you will surely mean a lot to them. For them, it is a sure sign that you want to deepen your bond with them. It shows them just how much you trust and care for them.

Dogs have a shorter lifespan than humans, so make sure you make every day and every night you spend with your beloved pet count!


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