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Carrie Underwood & Jamie O’Neal Nails a Classic Reba Duet

Reba McEntire and Linda Davis climbed the country music charts with their 1993 hit “Does He Love You.” And since then, it seems as though the pair’s roles have been mixed and matched time and time again.

Carrie Underwood & Jamie O’Neal Nails a Classic Reba Duet 1
Does He Love You (Screen shot from Youtube)

Perfect duet piece for country ladies

Take for example, Reba and Kelly Clarkson, who sang the song together during an “American Idol” special in 2002. Kelly then went on to take those Davis lines and did a duet with Martina McBride.

It makes us wonder if  an unspoken bond shared between some of country music’s most powerful female vocalists ever exist. Did they think covering the classic hit a must?

In 1995, Carrie Underwood and Jamie O’ Neal also took the emotional ballad and soared with it. With O’Neal taking McEntire‘s devastated wife part and Underwood in the adulterous role made famous by Linda Davis, the two performed a spine-tingling version of one of the most beloved country collaborations of the Nineties.

Their rendition took place during the CMT “100 Greatest Duets” concert taping in 2005. Back then, a much younger and casually dressed Carrie was still riding a high from her “American Idol” win, but that didn’t stop her from keeping up with Jamie and sounding like a true seasoned performer. O’Neal and Clarkson’s soaring vocals on the call-and-response tune provided one of that night’s most electrifying highlights.

“Does He Love You”

No matter how you slice it, Reba McEntire has been the most artistically significant performer in country music of the past 30 years.

She will forever be known as one of the queens of country music. That is, if you don’t consider her one of the best female singers in music period.  Not to forget her tons of awards, heaps of acclaim and now a successful Vegas residency.

More than most other country singers, McEntire has also chosen to record songs that have the dramatic impact of well-crafted short stories. “Does He Love You” is one of her songs that tells a heartbreaking story.

McEntire recorded “Does He Love You” in 1993, making it a number 1 hit with her then-backup singer, Linda Davis. Before the video recording, there was an initial resistance about using an unknown vocalist on the duet. Throughout the tale of two women in love with the same man, they both question which woman he loves the most convincingly enough to earn them a Grammy and a CMA.

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