June 24

DIY Chalkboard Fridge is your new Kitchen Star

For us Southerners, the fridge is undeniably our kitchen best friend considering that this shiny spectacle stores our food and beer summer or not.


The new Chalkboard Fridge


When all else fail, good food and good beer are here to comfort you and it’s just a few steps away from your bedroom. Nothing beats the good ole music paired of good ole food and your trusted good ole beer. PS. Learn about Billy Nelson’s suicide here.

What if we tell you that your good ole fridge could use a chalkboard revamp?

Before you cringe at a sight of a chalkboard if it reminds you of school, this is not only a mommying process but you are actually doing your kids a favor too!

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This chalkboard fridge can give you tons of benefits including the basic need of writing something  on the cover of your food and beer storage such as “Hey there’s only 3 bottles of beer left” or “Eat my steak and I’ll make you listen to Dolly Parton all night!”

You see, there are many cute and convenient outputs you can do with it and if you are interested, here are the simple steps to officially dress up your fridge:


What you need:

RustOleum chalkboard paint


Chalk pen

Super glue

Painter’s tape


What to do:

Begin by giving your fridge a good scrub to get any dirt or food particles off. After that has dried, remove your handles if possible.

Next, tape off any areas that you don’t want painted with the chalkboard paint. I

Now, roll on a thin 1st layer and allow that to dry for at least 30 to 45 minutes before adding a second layer. Three layers of chalk paint could also be good but it could vary depending on how heavy you roll on your layers.

You will also need to paint the handles, if you choose.

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Last, you will want to wrap them in the rope. Apply your super glue to the beginning of your rope and hold for a minute so that it will adhere to the handle. Once it is secure, begin wrapping, adding small amounts of super glue as you go until you have wrapped the entire thing. Reattach your handles and then you are done until the fridge had fully dried for 24 hours.


Here are other people who joined the craze:

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A sample of chalkboard fridge #1


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A sample of chalkboard fridge #2



H/T: The Kurtz Corner



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