June 13

Heart Cry: “Disturb Us, Lord” by Larnelle Harris

First, God bless the songwriters, Dave Clark, Tony Wood, and Lee Black. They’ve given us a song that expressed what we needed as opposed to what we wanted to hear. Our world needs more of these insightful lyricists. It’s one thing to smith a song out of whim, and another to mold something with real value.

Back in 2017, the Christian Family Film Festival hailed Larnelle HarrisDisturb Us, Lord as the Best Christian Music Video. Besides the heart-wrenching supporting video, Larnelle’s performance is a masterpiece. He’s one anointed singer, indeed.

Disturb Us, Lord

Because We’re Too Comfortable

Man’s shortcomings will make a lengthy list. Several were mentioned in the song but let’s condensed them into the following:

1. Losing Our First Love
2. Worship without Passion
3. Our Apathy and Neglect of Others Needs
4. When our Hearts don’t break for the Things that break God’s Hearts

If this song of Harris’ stirs us to action, then he and the songwriters have achieved their objective. Other than the timeliness of their message, our response as Christians is also vital.

We’ve had enough wake-up calls, and it’s good to be frequently disturbed by the Lord. If he won’t allow inconveniences to be part of our experiences, we’ll continually be stuck into selfishness.

A Call to Wonder

Despite its emotional appeal to awaken our consciences, Disturb Us, Lord is also a call to wonder. Topping all the good works that need to be done for mankind’s sake, Harris spoke of the experience of first love. Though written in the negative, it did include descriptions to make us remember those sweet communions we’ve had with our Lord. It’s a “wonder” worth beholding again.

And remember this, when the Lord disturbs his children, he won’t leave them broken. He will restore them.

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