January 5

Disney Singer Carols Her Love For God Through “Silent Night”

The touch of wind through my face still feels like Christmas. Well, it still is. Luckily, I have a song proposal you can lend your ear to, before Christmas ends.

Little Miss Disney Singer

You may recall the cute girl, Claire Ryann, singing Disney movie soundtracks with her dad while he played the guitar. She has showered the world with her versions of “Part of Your World”, “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”, “Beauty and The Beast”, “I See the Light”, and so on. The adorable little girl hasn’t looked back since then. She continued her singing and explored a world of different records.

Disney Singer Carols Her Love For God Through “Silent Night” 1

And Yes, Not Just Disney…

It is a delight to see her sing holiday songs, too. Yes! She can sing other than Disney soundtracks, too. There’s no limit to what she wants to sing. As long as she senses that people love her singing with his dad, she goes on and on. She awes everyone with her sweet little voice.

We all had our Christmas celebrations and felt the joy of having our families by our side. We had shut our work spirits off and activated our family bonding traditions. Quality time was spent with old games, hearty conversations, laughter over coffee and of course, solemn Christmas songs. One family tradition I am accustomed to was playing Christmas carols on shuffle all day. Aside from bringing harmony to a home filled with people you grew up with, it stirs the sentiments we have as we look back on the past years we all have shared. If you ask me what song I want to play one last time before Christmas feels is over, it would be Claire Ryan’s rendition of “Silent Night”.  It is touching to see such a little girl execute a carol with so much affection and passion. No worries, tiny girl. We greatly hear your tiny voice.

Please, don’t stop me from sharing this appealing video of the 4-year-old Claire.



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