May 21

Discover How Your Favorite Country Artists Sport a Hatless Clothing Ensemble

Everybody knows that fashion for country music will never be the same without the iconic cowboy hat. The hat has been one of the key basic pieces in the wardrobes of country artists for several decades. Thus, people cannot help but be surprised when they see their favorite singers and songwriters not donning the said accessory every once in a while.

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1.Clint Black

Black cowboy hats were made edgier thanks to Clint Black. But when he showed his face to the world without it, the crowd went wild with shock. In truth, Black has appeared in some occasions without his hat, such as when he did a romantic photoshoot with his lovely wife, Lisa Hartman Black. Nevertheless, Clint Black still looks stunning and attractive!

2. Garth Brooks

Radiating a chill and laidback aura is Garth Brooks wearing neither of his baseball cap or cowboy hat. Though the country star has indeed gone outside the house without his hat, it was still a rare sight for many of his fans. If you ask us, Brooks seems to be a very affable, mellow yet sunshiny person to us with or without his hats!

3. Kenny Chesney

Looking hot as hell and like a country music boss is Kenny Chesney giving up his hat for a music video of one of his songs, Come Over. It left fans gushing at the singer’s marvelously sharp features. Although his hats have already molded into his identity as an artist for the entire duration of his career, showing up without it leaves the crowd giving Chesney two thumbs’ up!

4. Terri Clark

Stunning, gorgeous, breathtaking—these are just a few adjectives to describe just how lovely Terri Clark is. But have you ever paused and thought how many times her natural beauty would shine through when she takes off her hat? Clark appears to have a huge collection of edgy and stylish hats since she is rarely seen wearing the same color or design of headpiece more than once. Likewise, fans have noticed that Clark usually goes with her crown of lovely locks exposed during photoshoots.

5. Charlie Daniels

Aside from his musical talent, Charlie Daniels is also fondly known for his bold and bright personality. As such, what better way to accentuate it with a hat that matches his vibrancy. Daniels, like many of his fellow country artists, only takes off his headgear when he’s chilling at home, or during formal and special events. One such notable occasion where Charlie Daniels wasn’t wearing his signature hat include the 2016 Media Research Center Gala, where he accepted the William F. Buckley Award for Media Excellence.

6. Brantley Gilbert

While Brantley Gilbert’s choice for a head accessory is a black baseball cap, he still looks really as sharp and dreamy as his fellow country artists. When he decided to take off his cap during his walk at the ACM Awards’ red carpet, it gained mixed reactions from the people around. Some say he looked completely different while others gushed at how his handsome features shone through better without the cap.

7. Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson only takes off his signature white cowboy hat when he’s paying his respects or during tribute performances. He exhibited this during the funeral for George Jones in 2013. Held at the Grand Ole Opry, Jackson took his hat off as he performed, all while holding the hat to his heart in a deeply symbolic manner.

8. Toby Keith

Like many of his fellow country artists, Toby is also known to switch headgears between a baseball cap and a cowboy hat. But without any of his headgear, the singer’s features instantly soften, making him seem like a lead actor or character in a romantic story. One of the most memorable occasions where Keith took off his hat was during a tender scene in the movie Broken Bridges.

9. Chris Stapleton

Sporting long, luscious blonde locks, Chris Stapleton is what one would identify as a true-blue physical representation of what country music is all about. People claim that his feather-embellished hat bears as a much striking resemblance to the artist’s solid voice. During the 2016 Grammy Awards, wear Stapleton brought home a number of awards, a paparazzi was able to snap a photo of him without his precious hat.

10. George Strait

Completely unrecognizable and appearing to be a clone of some sort is what Strait looks like when he’s not wearing a cowboy hat. Surely a certified cowboy inside and out, it is amazing how George Strait continues to attract every southern woman’s heart even without his hat. He’s got mature, refined looks and a sexy confidence to boot!

You’ve reached the end! What do you think of this list? Do you agree or disagree? Are there any other country artists you would love or hate to see without their hats on?


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