September 11

One Accord in Diamond Rio’s “In God We Still Trust”

The World Trade Center (c) lovethispic
The World Trade Center (c) lovethispic

September 11, 2001, was a momentous day when terror gripped our nation’s heart. In the same vein, it is the perfect time to once again strengthen our “will” and “moral fortitude” to stand as One Nation Under God. To help remind us what made America the once great and exalted nation on the face of the earth, here’s Country and Christian Music Band Diamond Rio with a live rendition of their notable track.

In God We Still Trust (Live) – Diamond Rio

Track Controversy

Titled In God We Still Trust, the song was not the kind to go viral for a society that’s all about hip and hype. Nonetheless, it did cause some stir back in 2009 (Follow the link for the cover story.) Weighing between the two freedoms: expression and choice, lead man Marty Roe did not hide his frustration on how the issue pertaining to their song was handled. He said that the matter should not have gone to court.

“It’s not about the real issue. It’s about greed or making a political statement.”

“We realize that it’s a sensitive subject and there are those who don’t share the same point of view. That’s their right, but a majority of Americans don’t want God taken out of public places. It shouldn’t be taboo. That’s our roots. And digging up the roots destroys the whole tree.”
– Marty Roe, Lead & Vocals, Diamond Rio

Album Discography

Diamond Rio's Latest Mug (c) Diamond Rio's FB Profile
Diamond Rio’s Latest Mug (c) Diamond Rio’s FB Profile

In God We Still Trust is the last track in Diamond Rio’s 8th Studio album The Reason. It proved to be a breakthrough album for Diamond Rio as it did not fail to chart on both the Top Country (41) and Top Christian (17) Albums chart. Furthermore, The Reason bagged the coveted Country Album of the Year (41st GMA DOVE AWARD). On top of that is a Grammy in 2011 for Best Southern, Country or Bluegrass Gospel Album.

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Diamond Rio

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