November 24

God Only Cries (For the Living)

You will get all weepy with this track of Diamond Rio.
God Only Cries (For the Living) 1

 In the words of the late country songwriter, Tim Johnson, here’s

“God Only Cries (For the Lving)”

Another song to help all grieving folks get through their losses. As much as we sorely miss those that were dear to us, we also need to understand and accept that this world was only meant to be our temporary home. Everybody will eventually pass through death. As believers in Jesus Christ, we know well that death is not our enemy. It would just bring us closer to the bosom of our Lord. We will enter into his rest and one day, there will be a great reunion! By then, there will be no more partings and tears because everyone will live for all eternity.

Still, God is no cold-hearted monster to ignore our sorrows. He will be there, crying with us. But as the song poignantly points out, he is more concerned about how we will overcome our present troubles. While he would rather see us leave earth than to be further corrupted by evil, let us not make the mistake that he is somehow behind catastrophes and tragic deaths. Calamities follow the laws of nature, accidents happen, and brutal killings are the byproducts of men succumbing to evil.

Without meaning to negate grief, let us help prepare ourselves for the inevitable. When family and friends leave, let us take comfort in God’s promise that every death of his saints is precious to him (Psalm 16:11). They are better off now in His presence. Will you trust him? Then please, have this as your way of processing the painful pang of loss. True, it will not be easy and certainly not instantaneous, but it can be done. And it might also help if you utter to yourself that God cries more for the “living.”


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