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Which Country Legend Almost Recorded the Song “Unbelievable” by Diamond Rio?

The song “Unbelievable” was made popular by the country/ Christian music band, Diamond Rio. However, did you know that it was originally written for another country legend?

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This thing is not unusual in the music scene. Sometimes, a writer is already thinking of someone to interpret their song when they write a song. It goes the same with Diamond Rio’s “Unbelievable.”

Country Legend George Jones was the First Choice

The song was penned by coveted songwriters namely Al Anderson and Jeffrey Steele. They made the song for country legend George Jones.

Anderson told Songfacts:

“It’s beautiful. We wrote that for George Jones. It was supposed to go, ‘she’s so kissable,’ way down low like that and we did it with a string bass. We did it in a key of A or E or something. Perfect for George Jones.”

It was unfortunate that George Jones never got the chance to record it so it was then pitched to the group Diamond Rio. The group made sure that they will give justice to the song. In fact, it was Diamond Rio’s first single to crack the Hot 100 charts in the US.

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“Unbelievable” was also a number 1 hit on Canada’s Country chart.

Diamond Rio’s “Unbelievable” Lyrics Breakdown

It’s a miracle
How my heart stumbled into
Someone so kissable, huggable,
Lovable, unbelievable

The song is a typical love letter-turned music. Diamond Rio delivered a cheesy yet sweet song dedicated to all women out there. Its light and soft vibes must have been the key to its success on the US and Canada charts.

diamond rio, country, unbelievable
via Diamond Rio’s Official Facebook Page

Appreciating women is not always the case for country music so we respect artists who make songs that are not always about drinking booze or enjoying their truck. For all the loving women in our lives, we thank you and appreciate you.

Listen to the song here!


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