January 15

“Desperado:” A Classic Hit from the Eagles, One of ’70s Bests

We have our personal goals that we want to achieve in life. Some of them are job-related while others are for personal and spiritual growth. Also, we always want to stick to the plan and timeline that we set to achieve the goal. Anyhow, there are times that we will lose track of everything. And the worst part is, we will easily give up or surrender. There are certain reasons that may affect our focus, it may be personal or work related issues. But whatever the reasons are, we need to always go back to the main reason why we want to achieve a certain goal. We need to pick ourselves up and come to our senses. I hope you can relate more once you hear this hit from the Eagles.

The Best American Band

The group was formed in the ‘70s, whe music is at its peak. Moreover, a lot of acts were popular that time, and this band worked hard to be well-known. Further, they were ranked as one of the best bands in history due to their legacy. One of their popular hits were “Hotel California,” “Take it Easy,” and “New Kid in Town.” Upon their breakthrough, the band was able to sell more than 150 million records worldwide. I hope that you still remember the Eagles.

"Desperado:" A Classic Hit from the Eagles, One of '70s Bests 1
Photo Credits: Eagles Official Home Page

Is This Your Wake Up Call?

Have you ever lost track of your personal goal? What have you done to be back on track? Some of us may have experienced this, no matter our social status is. Moreover, others can easily recover and some may not. Just like the hit “Desperado” from the Eagles which was released in 1973. The hit talks about a person who lost track of everything until someone helped him to get back on his feet. We all go through this dilemma and all we need to do is to be strong and focused.  



The Eagles

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