August 15

Jason Derulo is Going Country with an Unknown Country Artist

Jason Derulo is Going Country with an Unknown Country Artist 1
Credits: Rick Diamond

The latest pop and R&B artist to catch what he calls the country bug, Jason Derulo recently told TMZ that he’s working on a country music project.

Pop Artist, Jason Derulo confirmed the news in an interview when he said that his crossover project will include a mysterious country collaborator. “I’m doing a country project. I can’t state exactly what it is exactly yet,” he says, adding, “I’m excited about it, because I do love country music. I just won my first country music award, and I got the buzz, man. I got the buzz, so I’m doing a bigger project.”

In fact, Jason Derulo is not new to country. He won the CMT Music Award for CMT Performance of the Year in 2017 for ”Want to Want Me” during his collaboration with Luke Bryan on CMT Crossroads.  He and Bryan also had another joint performance during the CMT Awards, showcasing Derulo’s “Strip It Down.” And then the pair teamed up with Florida Georgia Line for a remix of “This is How We Role.” Furthermore, Derulo and Florida Greorgia line connected with Hank Williams Jr. for a new version of Monday Night Football theme song.

Derulo wrote songs for a lot of artists like Sean Kingston, Lil Wayne and Diddy before he launched his solo career. He earned a record deal by winning Showtime at the Apolo in 2006. He released his debut album single in 2009, “Whacha Say,” hitting the No.1 with the song. He has 7 platinum singles and sell over 30 million singles.  He has previously collaborated with Jennifer Lopez, 2 Chainz, Demi Lovato and more.

So are we going to see him with Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan or Bocephus? However, the real question is, will the country nation love it or hate it? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. Again, don’t forget to share this to other country fans.


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