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Derek Ryan: It’s All Part of “God’s Plan” My Love

Hailing from County Carlow, country singing sensation Derek Ryan grew up with loving Irish traditional music. His debut hit “God’s Plan” exemplified his excellent songwriting ability. The song received considerable airplay. It has since been recorded by Daniel O’Donnell.

Derek’s rise to stardom on the country scene has been at a phenomenal rate.  Few other country stars have made such an impact. To name a few: sell-out shows at home and abroad and fistfuls of music awards tag along with his name including Entertainer of the Year, Album of the Year and Best Live Performer. But he is perhaps proudest of the award-winning recognition for his songwriting abilities at the Irish Country Music Awards.

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For the record…

Dozens of artists including evergreen multi-million selling star Daniel O’Donnell underlined the industry-wide admiration for Derek’s songwriting talents by recording versions of God’s Plan. Since then, with a combination of terrific talent, admirable determination and a continuous desire to do better, Derek’s career has kept on reaching progressively greater heights.

He is a constant recipient of Ireland’s most prestigious music awards and is regularly awarded ‘Entertainer of the Year’ ‘Songwriter of the Year’ and “Album of the Year’. Derek has been credited as one of the people instrumental in reinvigorated Irish Country Music by opening it to a new young audience.

God’s Plan for Marriage

Does God’s, will always prevail? More specifically, does God’s will always happen in relationships? This is a common question for Christians when it comes to dating and marriage.

The God of the Universe, the Creator of all things has a plan for marriage. Too often, we think that He had a plan and that sin marred the plan. The plan for marriage, the consistent with our God, does not change. Mankind tarnishes or culture disfigures God’s plan for marriage. However, we must remember that God’s plan is the same yesterday, today and forever. God’s plan is that man and woman would reflect God’s nature to all they come in contact with. They shall work together in unity and singleness of purpose. Also, they should be a testimony of God’s incredible love for mankind, and raise children to love and serve God.

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Wedding Rings (

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