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The Perfect Tune For All Who Miss Their Departed Loved Ones

The Perfect Tune For All Who Miss Their Departed Loved Ones 1

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Themes of death and longing for departed loved ones are common in country music. Many country songs that center on these subjects have already been written and recorded by various stars. Today’s story will feature a song that has this focus. It’s a tune penned by Dallas Davidson, Rob Hatch, and Brett Jones and popularized by a budding country music artist Justin Moore. The song is titled “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away.”

The newly awarded Songwriter of the Year by the ACM Awards Rhett Akins first recorded the song in 2006. His version was only a minor success. Five years later, rising country star Justin Moore covered the song and it became a big hit. Released from the singer’s second studio album Outlaws Like Me, the song reached No. 1 making it Moore’s second chart-topper hit.

Story Behind the Writing of the Song

It all started with a conversation between the three songwriters Davidson, Hatch, and Jones. Their main topic was their loved ones who already died. Jones recalled about his brother who got killed in the Vietnam War. The other two was then raised by their deceased grandfathers. All of them were saying a single line,

“I wish I could go see him. Once they are gone, they are gone.”

They’ve thought of it as a good idea for a song. Hence, they began working on the lyrics. One already had a melody and all they need now is to put images to it. Each of them equally contributed their ideas for the completion of the song, or rather, a hit as Brett dubbed it. The song’s final title was derived from a girl’s statement that Davidson happened to watch on TV. He heard her say,

“Heaven is so far away.”

Here’s their masterpiece to delight our ears.

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Brett Jones, Dallas Davidson, Justin Moore, Rhett Akins, Rob Hatch

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