January 9

Hope that John Denver Believed in His Song, “Gospel Changes”

John Denver

We like the man and love his songs. He’s clean and we only have words of appreciations for him. There’s only one slight bummer from the pious perspective. That is, he did not make any specific profession of faith, Christ in particular. As with other mainstream turned gospel singers, he grew up hearing all the Christian credos. Consequently, they pepper the themes of his songs.

His Religious Views

According to Religion Facts, a site that chronicles celebrities’ religious beliefs, John Denver was a follower of EST (Erhard Seminars Training). The organization offers courses on enlightenment and self-improvement. Collectively speaking, those who were disillusioned by the organization’ faulty system have nothing good to say about them. That added to his concerned fans’ anxiety with regard to the state of his soul. Some even openly expressed their disappointments on their blogs (which we won’t name out of respect).

Where do we stand?

We respect everyone’s preferred belief system. And while we are unashamedly Christian in our worldviews, and we have our own set of opinions on various culture wars, we do not wish to put any country artist we feature in a bad light. If the songs they’re singing have substance, then we find them worth the share and space. Hence, the handpicked song below.

“Gospel Changes” by John Denver

On his choice of “Gospel Changes”

More than a gifted singer, John Denver was no doubt a thoughtful songsmith. For songs he did not write like ‘Gospel changes,’ he won’t perform them unless he believes or at least agrees with every word he’s singing. While some may object to this observation, none would dare object that he’s a voice of honesty. Without speculating that he ended up surrendering his soul to Christ, we could still be relieved to see that he was a seeker of real faith. As for his eternal destination, that would be God’s department, not ours.


gospel changes, John Denver

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