When we hear “Delta Dawn” we would probably respond with “What’s that flower you have on?” It just compels us to do so.

Heck, I bet y’all that just reading the first part of this article’s title already has you singing the song or have it playing in your head. Also, it is now probably going to be stuck in your heads all day; but is that even really such a bad thing?

This can basically be seen as one of country music’s most memorable songs. Even music lovers of other genres can recognize “Delta Dawn” or at the very least, the beginning of the song.

Good music can do that to us, regardless of the genre, if a song is good, then it is good. “Delta Dawn” is definitely a good song, one that doesn’t have to stay in the country music genre either. Though obviously, the song is a classic country song and can be used as a great way to introduce country music to new listeners, the style is not just country, but it also has a bit of pop into it.

Regardless, if y’all are looking for a song that can transcend the genres of music and introduce country to others then look no further than this awesome classic, “Delta Dawn.”

Tanya Tucker Has The Best Performance of “Delta Dawn”

tanya tucker, delta dawn

via Rollingstone.com

This song is always associated with Tanya Tucker and of course, it should be. Her rough yet smooth voice (if that makes any sense to y’all at all) fits the song best and other versions feel like they are just lacking something, whereas Tanya Tucker just completes the song.

Watch the song by Tanya Tucker here and enjoy it!

Though the other versions are great as well such as Helen Reddy’s version with her smooth and soft voice giving the song a sweet feel, it really doesn’t compare to the country icon’s version of it.

Listen to Helen Reddy’s version here!

It may not be one of Tanya Tucker’s number one hit nor is it her song to start with, but this has definitely become a part of her image and deservingly so.