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“Deep in the Heart of Texas”: A Western Classic during the 40’s

gene autry deep in the heart of texas

“Deep in the Heart of Texas” Beginning and Movie Adaptation

“Deep in the Heart of Texas,” is a beautiful western classic song that has been known since the 40’s. The song describes the beauty of the state of Texas. It was written by June Hershey and first recorded by Perry Como, Ted Weems, and his Orchestra. In fact, the simplicity of the lyrics and its unforgettable tune made it popular.

Aside from numerous cover versions of this song, it was also adapted on certain Hollywood films such as Heart of the Rio Grande (1942), Wing and a Prayer (1944), With a Song in my Heart (1952) and I’ll Get By (1950).

Gene Autry, The Singing Cowboy

A year after the release of the song, Gene Autry, who was known as the Singing Cowboy, recorded a version of this song. He also performed the song with Smiley Burnette and Joe Strauch Jr. in the movie Heart of the Rio Grande. 

The Song’s Content

“Deep in the Heart of Texas” is a catchy song that is easy to remember. The song describes how life is in the state of Texas during the 40’s. It gives a clear picture of what the sky looks like at night and what kind of animals you can see or hear. Moreover, the narrator also mentioned that Texas reminded him of someone he loved. Wherever the heart of Texas may be, it must be a beautiful place.

Banned For Being Infectious

During World War II the song was banned for being catchy. Do you know why? This was to make sure that the performances of the factory workers would not be affected.

Cover Versions

Other artists who covered this song were Ray Charles (1960), Duane Eddy (1962), and George Strait (2003). Duane Eddy’s version entered the US Billboard Hot 100 at No. 78 in 1962. While George Strait included “Deep in the Heart of Texas” in his album For the Last Time: Live from the Astrodome in 2003. Furthermore, it was the number one track of his album.

Come sing and clap along with “Deep in the Heart of Texas” infectious tune.

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Gene Autry

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