February 12

A Declaration of Love Perfect for Your Love, “I Cross My Heart” By George Strait


A Declaration of Love Perfect for Your Love, "I Cross My Heart" By George Strait 1

Story of the Song

We all know the King of Country and maybe all of his songs. However, the most memorable song of George Strait is “I Cross My Heart”. The song was released in 1992 and it is also one of the most treasured hits ever released by the living legend. The song was written and recorded as a part of his soundtrack for the famed country movie, Pure Country. As an actor, George Strait’s role was the lead character in the movie. The album was released alongside the film.

The Love Story

For those who haven’t seen the movie, the story follows a man who is one of the biggest rising stars in country music. That man decided to pursue his singing rather than going back to working on a farm. While he was working on a farm, he falls in love with the farm owner’s daughter, Harley. Later, during a very intimate and toned-down show, he takes the stage in front of an audience that includes the woman of his dreams – Harley.

A Declaration of Love

While playing one of the most emotional and sweetest songs ever, Harley becomes visibly moved by the song as they stare into each other’s eyes across the room. She weeps tears of love and joy for her country hero.

Displaying an amazing love and romance, this scene from Pure Country will definitely melt your heart.

This song really is the perfect Valentine song. Not only the lyrics of the song sends emotion, but also the tune melts the heart. I too have a special someone and I’ll definitely sing this song to her, the same way that George Strait sang the song.

I cross my heart and promise to give all I’ve got to support you in the things that you want. Also, in all the world, I’m sure that you will never find a love as true as mine. Advance Happy Valentine.


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