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“Days of Thunder:” A Song of Summer Love and Younger Years

“Days of Thunder:” A Song of Summer Love and Younger Years 1
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“Days of Thunder” is a song reminiscing the past about the narrator’s life, how he remembers the woman he used to love when he was innocent and young. Wills’ song will bring you back to your younger years and make you have that happy feeling remembering those times.

Mark Wills’ Album Familiar Stranger

Mark Wills’ single “Days of Thunder” was released under his record label Equity. The song made it to the Billboard Country Airplay at No. 50. In addition, the song spent a total of 13 weeks on the chart in 2007. The song became part of his studio album Familiar Stranger which was released in 2008. However, Mark did not release his album on the same recording label he first released his two singles (“Take it All Out on Me” and “Days of Thunder”). He released his album under his new recording label, Tenacity. His album did not make it to the Billboard chart. However, his songs “Days of Thunder” and “Take It All Out on Me” made it to the Billboard chart. The latter peaked at No. 47 on the Billboard Hot Country Chart. Both of his songs entered the chart when they were released as singles in 2007.

About the Song

“Days of Thunder,” a story of a man remembering his younger years when he was in love. He tells the story of a moment in his life when he was sure that it was the moment he felt free. The narrator runs away with the girl he loves and drives somewhere else where no one knows, even himself. He said, at that moment he felt free and happy. He never thinks of anything, he never even thought that the love he had then would end.

Listen to Mark Wills “Days of Thunder,” and it will bring you back to your younger years. Escape from today with this song.

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