September 25

A Day in the Life of Trisha Yearwood, Can You Do What She Does?

For most country fans, Trisha Yearwood would have to be one of the very amazing artists who seems to have it all. She’s living her dream of becoming a renowned singer, while sharing her big love for food through her top-rated cooking show. On top of that, she’s got a very loving and amazing husband who shares her passion for music. Oh, and she’s constantly keeping her fans in-the-know of her daily life as a singer/chef through her Facebook page.

Honestly, with a life that seems to be working through a fairytale-like clockwork, it’s hard not to feel envious of the beautiful and successful country star.

So, just imagine the overpowering delight when Trisha Yearwood decided to take a break from her usual T’s Coffee Talk routine and allow the cameras to follow her around for a day and take a glimpse at what it’s like to be in her shoes.

On a typical day, Yearwood’s schedule is booked with a TON of activities. She shares her usual morning routine with her trusty team of hairstylists and make-up artists. These professionals keep the country star looking young, fresh, and at her best whenever, wherever.

She was also scheduled for a book signing that day, so she headed to Wlliams-Sonoma right after hair and make-up. There, she had to finish numerous interviews, meet-and-greet fans, and even sample some of the goodies that Williams-Sonoma prepared for her before she wrapped up the event and left the venue.

Trisha’s next stop was to walk the red carpet and perform a string of power-packed melodies for her fans. After the adrenaline-inducing performance, our beloved singer finally heads to ride a plane and fly back home. But before she bid goodbye, she hinted at an upcoming announcement about a secret project. Though she was excited to spill the beans, she decides to take after her mysterious husband and leaves the rest to the imagination for now.

To be Trisha Yearwood is exhausting for an ordinary person; and we believe that her passion for what she does, along with her love for the people who support her, are just some of the things that keep her moving on no matter how demanding a day can be for her.

You go hustle, girl! We are always inspired by strong, independent, hardworking and passionate women like you!


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