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Be Thankful to God “Day by Day and with Each Passing Moment”

Be Thankful to God “Day by Day and with Each Passing Moment” 1
Day by Day by Carolina Sandell Berg | Photo credit: blog.truthforlife.og

At the time Carolina Sandell Berg penned the tune “Day by Day and With Each Passing Moment,” a tragedy had just struck her. Such an experience, which led to the loss of her father, extremely broke her heart and brought her so much pain. However, it did not shake her faith in God. Instead, it even drew her closer to the Heavenly Father. With it, she became more inspired to write hymns that declare God’s boundless love and unending mercies. One of the songs that Lina (as she wished to be called) crafted out of the tragedy she’s gone through was ‘Day by Day and With Each Passing Moment.” 

Brief Hymn Background

Carolina Sandell Berg grew up to become the most celebrated author of Gospel hymns in Sweden. When Lina was 26 years old, she met a tragedy which extremely affected the way she lived her life. She and her Lutheran pastor father were crossing a lake when suddenly, the ship swayed throwing her dad overboard. Ultimately, her father got drowned and died. Witnessing her father’s tragic death caused her extreme trauma. Of course, that’s given but instead of drowning herself in sadness and misery, she poured out her broken heart in an unending creation of wonderful tunes. “Day by Day and With Each Passing Moment” became one of the resulting hymns of it. The song and many others that Lina composed significantly influenced Scandinavia’s revival after 1850. Because of this, Lina was often regarded as the “Fanny Crosby of Sweden.”

Tragedies could happen to any one of us. Despite the associated pain and despair, these misfortunes may be used by God to deepen our faith in Him. As the old saying goes, “Everything happens for a reason.” And, if we hold on to our faith and trust that God won’t ever leave us unattended, things would certainly turn well. Therefore, if a problem of difficulty struck us, we must learn to be grateful to God. These are all part of His plan. Through these life trials, we are able to turn to God, know His power and have more faith in Him.

To help us nurture these traits within us, let’s listen to the beautiful hymn below.

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