October 9

Reversing Curses Pronounced on Our Land through Songs of Blessings

Besides dealing with the enemies of the state, political upheaval and other various catastrophes, it still comes a shock that many are gloating to see America fall. That does not only pertain to those outside the country but even those within. While it’s true that every evil thing done individually or corporately has tragic consequences, there’s no need to doom the whole nation.  And no, we’re not excusing the sins of the people and the mistakes done by our leaders from the past to present. Nevertheless, must we just stand by and do nothing besides protests?

Applying the biblical principle about “the power of life and death lie on the tongue,” we’re strongly advocating the pronouncement of good things over our land through songs. The Gaither Vocal Band are great communicators of this advocacy. One that should not be missed is that of David Phelps. Watch his jaw-dropping rendition.

America, the Beautiful & God, Bless America
Video Credit: GaitherVEVO

Flawless indeed! His belting of high notes was on the mark. Singers like David Phelps are part of God’s blessings we ought to treasure.

Invoking God’s Name: Empty or Plausible?

Throughout mankind’s history as recorded in the Scriptures, uttering words of blessings or curses over someone or something were pretty common. Jesus, himself, cursed a fig tree (Mark 11:12-14) and so did the saints of the past.  One great example is that of King David cursing the Mount of Gilboa (2 Samuel 1:21) in Israel. For years, the mount remained a barren land, but soon after the curse was lifted, wildflowers started appearing.

Now, can God not do the same to us? Besides national repentance, it is our part to receive his forgiveness and grace.  May God’s mercy on America prevail over judgment.

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David Phelps

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