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10 Real Facts About Lacey Chabert’s Husband, David Nehdar

David Nehdar was nobody to the media before he became Lacey Chabert’s husband. But the joke’s on them because even after tying the knot with the renowned hallmark actress, Nehdar remains to be a nobody to the public, both intriguing and frustrating the media at the same time. 

Lacey is also tight-lipped about their private lives, making information on her husband scarce. But from what is revealed about him so far, here are 10 real facts about Lacey Chabert’s husband, David Nehdar

1. He’s not in show business.

Yes, that much is true. If he were, then we’d clearly know more about him, and this would not be fact number one on the list. But sarcasm aside, Lacey disclosed that her husband is not in the entertainment industry, so they like to hang on to their privacy as much as, and for as long as they can. 

2. His profession is unknown.

While many tabloids have stated that Nehdar is a successful entrepreneur or businessman, there isn’t really a valid source available to back up that information. David Nehdar’s real profession remains to be unknown, and only the couple can reveal such detail if they wish to. 

3. He’s not on social media—at least not that we know of.

Yet another thing that keeps Nehdar hidden from the public eye is his nonexistent social media presence. He doesn’t have Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter—at least none that we know of. The possibility that he might be using a different name is not zero.

4. There’s barely a valid photo of him online.

Why are we not surprised? For a man married to a very famous actress, David Nehdar sure doesn’t like to gloat. While there are photos of Lacey with a guy, both in wedding attires circulating the internet, the guy is really not her husband. In fact, most of these guys photographed with Lacey were her onscreen husbands.  

5. He married Lacey Chabert in 2013.

Now this, we can be sure of. David and Lacey got married on December 22, 2013. Knowing how important privacy is to the couple, the wedding was an intimate one with only families and close friends in attendance. Lacey shared a couple of photos of the event on her social media, but none of them consisted of her husband. Privacy is a priority, indeed. 

6. He and Lacey planned their wedding for six weeks.

Lacey told People that she was in the middle of a movie shoot, and they planned their wedding in six weeks. Being a celebrity, this is quite short notice, and it surely didn’t come without some hiccups. Lacey said their caterer quit, her shoes broke, and her sister’s dress didn’t arrive, but according to her, “It was perfect chaos.” 

7. He is American.

Nehdar’s nationality is American, and he is of caucasian descent. People with this surname usually originate from North America. 

8. He has a daughter.

On September 1, 2016, Nehdar and Lacey welcomed Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar to the world. Their only daughter turned four in September of 2020, and Lacey shared the celebration on social media. She posted a photo of her and Julia in front of pink decorations on Instagram and even added a sweet message with the photo. 

9. He cooks for his family.

Lacey told Thrive Global that her husband often cooks breakfast when their daughter is up, so she can focus for a minute, answer emails, and get started on the business front of her day. When it comes to their daughter, the couple also shares responsibilities. They tuck her in at night, bathe her, and spend quality time together. 

10. He’s not penniless.

With his professional background still unknown, there’s no way to be sure how much money Nehdar makes, but with their home purchase in 2019, it’s safe to say that he’s certainly not penniless. The two-story-high, and five-bedroom mansion was worth $1.9 million and was built in the 1980s. 

Despite the scarcity of information on David Nehdar, his love for his wife and daughter is still evident. His lack of media presence also communicates that he doesn’t need to capitalize on being Lacey Chabert’s husband to live a happy and fulfilling life. 


David Nehdar, Lacey Chabert

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