March 29

David Ball Singing Reverently “Riding With Private Malone”

Soldiers are the bravest people on the planet and we need to show them respect all the time. Today is the commemoration for the veterans of the Vietnam War. So, if you have a relative who survived this chaotic event, go ahead and give them a kiss. But for now, let’s listen to the hit of David Ball entitled “Riding with Private Malone” which honors our brave heroes.

David Ball: One of the Great Vocalists

His career started in 1988 and he has been successful since then. David Ball was born to a large family, his father was a Baptist minister and his mother is a pianist. No wonder why Ball turned out to be a sensational singer. Moreover, he started writing songs when he was in seventh grade. Later on, he joined different singing groups. He started his professional music career when he moved to Nashville and signed with RCA Nashville in 1980. However, Ball received minimal success. His career skyrocketed when he signed with Warner Bros. Records where some of his hits entered the charts.

David Ball, Riding with private malone
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His most notable hits are “Thinkin’ Problem” and “Riding with Private Malone.” Now, David Ball is still active in the music industry. You can check his page for updates about his life and career.

David Ball, riding with private malone
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Tribute to the Veterans

“Riding with Private Malone” was a hit from David Ball and it was released in 2001. This hit peaked at number two in Billboard Hot Country Charts. This is a story of a Vietnam War Soldier who did not make it home to see his family. When the song was released, it received a lot of positive comments from its audience and critics alike. Plus, a lot of country stars also released their version of the song.

Go ahead and listen to this wonderful hit as a simple way of paying tribute to the Vietnam War veterans.


David Ball

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