November 12

David Ball and Private Andrew Malone in a 1966 Corvette

The Veterans are the ones who served the country, without a doubt. Thus, we have the “Veterans Day” to honor them. In my opinion, one day is not enough to show our appreciation. We have to understand that being a trooper is a great sacrifice on their part. Sometimes, a soldier gets to go home lucky, and others don’t. It’s just nice that there are artists who honor them in a song, just like David Ball.

“The Southern Superstar”

David Ball was an American country singer that recorded seven studio albums. He began his career in 1988, and his debut album “Thinkin’ Problem” was his breakthrough in the country music industry. Also, Ball produced 14 singles that reached the Billboard Hot Country Charts. Well, that’s enough to shut down all the critics who did not believe his talent.

David Ball grew up in a family of musicians, so being a performer is not new to him. Further, he started to play the guitar and compose songs when he was in the 7th grade. This man is really a musical genius. Anyhow, Ball began to build his career in the 80’s, but his first attempt was a failure. Until the spring of 1993, the road to success opened in front of him.

“Honor, Legacy, and Patriotism”

“Riding with Private Malone” was released in 2001, and was recorded by David Ball for his Album “Amigo.” The song peaked at no. 2 on the Billboard Hot Country Charts, and no. 36 on the Billboard Hot 100. Most notably, this masterpiece talks about a man who just finished his military service and finds a 1966 Corvette on the classified ads. Upon purchasing the car, he found out that it belonged to a deceased Vietnam War soldier, named Private Andrew Malone.

It’s a good thing that the hit received a favorable review from critics. Also, some elements were found in the song such as patriotism, tragedy, and the belief in the supernatural. David Ball was kind enough to dedicate this to our living heroes, and I hope that there are more people out there just like him. Happy Veterans Day Everyone!


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