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Daryle Singletary’s Version of “The Note” is the Most Famous

Then-young traditionalist Daryle Singletary received favorable feedback from a Billboard music reviewer for his notable rendition of the song “The Note.” The review centered on two aspects. First was on Singletary’s singing style which was likened to that of country legends Merle Haggard and George Jones. The reviewer specifically wrote,

“…this young traditionalist can stand toe to toe with such master stylists as Merle Haggard and George Jones.”

The other aspect of the song that was favorably assessed was the lyrics’ resonance. “The Note” is a breakup tune which recounts how a piece of paper with heart-shattering words scribed on it had changed someone’s life. That someone, who was the subject of a breakup, is no other than the narrator. The critic stated that “the lyric is one that listeners will find themselves singing along with.” With this, it is but proper to recognize those who were behind the song’s composition. The resonating lyrics to “The Note” were penned by songwriters Buck Moore and Michele Ray. The song appeals more to those who had gone through the same experience as the narrator.

Daryle Singletary’s Version

It was in the late 1990s when the late singer made his version of “The Note.” Thanks to his bass player’s wife’s friend who became instrumental in Singletary’s discovery of the song. His cover appeared as the lead single on his 1998 album entitled Ain’t It the Truth. The exact date of the song’s recording was indefinite. Also, it was only in November 1997 that Singletary’s recording was officially released as a single. Prior to this though, the song became a breakthrough record as numerous stations began playing it as per Billboard survey. Such was an essential indication of the song’s potential success. It went on to become the most remarkable version of the song despite barely cracking the chart’s Top 30. “The Note” also earned Singletary his first and only pop hit.

Other Notable Covers

Prior to Daryle Singletary, there have been several country music legends who recorded the song. Conway Twitty was the very first one to do so. His version was included on his 1985 album Don’t Call Him a Cowboy. In 1989, Tammy Wynette’s version surfaced on her album called Next To You. Doug Supernaw was the next to cover it in 1995. His rendition was released on his collection, You Still Got Me.

Below is Twitty’s version of “The Note.”

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