December 29

God-Scripted Story in Daryle Singletary’s “Amen Kind of Love”

Who would not want a God-written love story?  That’s the message conveyed by Daryle Singletary’s “Amen Kind of Love.”

The kind that would make you feel grateful each day. Grateful because as you reflect and reminisce the past years of your relationship with your significant other, you see God’s fingerprints. Behind the scenes, he had orchestrated every detail of your love story and now that you are together, you will not trade any of it for another.

Go ahead. Give it a good listen.

“Amen Kind of Love” by Daryle Singletary


A single by Daryle Singletary from the album, All Because Of You. Songwriters were Trey Bruce and Wayne Tester. From its first release in October 1996, the song has steadily climbed its way up to the Billboard Charts. Come 1997, it has peaked at No. 2 on both charts of US Hot Country Songs and Canada Country Tracks.


Forgive me for saying this, but I find the lyrics a bit cheesy. Nevertheless, it is the type of wording that can sweep hopeless romantic women off their feet.

For its concept, the song borrows elements from Christian experiences of spiritual encounters. Some mentioned were the following.

“…moved by the spirit,

…reaching for the sky above,

…falling down on your knees,

…leaning safe in faithful arms,

…soul can’t get enough,

….once lost then found…”

In other words, the love being described is of similar character to that of a believer’s relationship with Christ. (Not that there is anything wrong with it.) The Bible itself describes Christ as the Bridegroom and the Church his bride. Besides, current earthly marriages (especially among believers) ought to be a picture of that upcoming wedding.  Idealistic much? Not to couples who can testify to this love tune’s truths. To them, this kind of love exists.


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