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Remembering Daryle Singletary Through His Hit “I Let Her Lie”

Daryle Singletary might not be with us right now, but his great music continuously affects us. The work of arts left a mark that every country music enthusiasts will always remember. With this, let’s listen once more to his hit “I Let Her Lie” to recollect his memories.

The Song…

“I Let Her Lie” was written by Tim Johnson. In addition, the song was released on July 1995 as part of Singletary’s album entitled “Daryle Singletary”. The hit was one of Singletary’s signature songs and was one of his best tracks.

Furthermore, the song has reached No.2 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It was a very close fight with George Strait’s “Check Yes Or No”. Interestingly, Daryle Singletary’s “I Let Her Lie” surpassed other country artists such as “Who Needs You Baby” by Clay Walker at No.3, Martina McBride’s’ “Safe In The Arms Of Love” at No.4, and “Dust On The Bottle” by David Lee Murphy.

The Story…

The song is about the struggles of a man being cheated by his lover. The man narrates a story of the woman lying and cheating over and over. Since the man considers the woman as her only world, he forgave and gave her a chance. The woman confessed and promised not to cheat again, but still, she didn’t change. The man blames himself for he only loved the woman.

The Lyrics…

She’d come home, 6 am
Tells me she’d been out with friends
And I let her lie…

In the glare of the morning sun
She swore I was her only one
And I let her lie…

Cause the truth was too hard to handle
and I couldn’t bare to lose that girl
We were that small town scandal but,
She was my only world…

One teary night she confessed her sins
But she vowed to never cheat again
And I let her lie…

Though she tried lord, she could not change
And I only have myself to blame 
Cause I let her lie

Cause the truth was too hard to handle
and I couldn’t bare to lose that girl

We were that small town scandal but,
She was my only world

The day I left no words were said
She was sound asleep on our double bed 

The Song’s Reception…

It was pointed out that Daryle Singletary’s “I Let Her Lie” became his hallmark song. Though there are a few negative views due to its portrayal of “Infidelities”, more positive assessments were noted. In fact, Larry Flick reviewed the song and Singletary’s performance was worthy. He mentioned that Singletary justified the song especially the lyrics. Additionally, it turned out to be a painful yet signified hit.


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Daryle Singetary, I Let Her Lie, Tim Johnson

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