June 21

Darius Rucker Mashes Two Great Songs and it’s Amazing!


Darius Rucker Mashes Two Great Songs and it's Amazing! 1

Can you think of Darius Rucker singing R&B? How about country music and R&B sounding like together? Well, think no more. It is actually amazing!

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In a San Diego concert, country music star Darius Rucker packed a poignant take by mashing up two really great songs. He definitely caught the audiences’ attention as they sang along and even asked for more! In his performance at the San Diego Country Fair in Del Mar, the zealous crowd hang on to every rhythm and  lyrics.  He finally ended his performance by telling his audience of a “great” tune. This song continues to hold a place near and dear to his heart. By the way, have you ever been curious about Johnny Horton’s death?

After admitting his great love for songs with great lyrics and melodies, the country singer started a lively performance of Garth Brooks’  “Friends In Low Places.” His glorified introduction was enough to make the crowd go gaga with a boisterous applause and eager chants of excitement. He sang until the chorus part of the song and stopped in between his tracks saying, “Now, that’s a great song!” “Somebody tell Garth Brooks to take me on tour, please!” While openly talking about his admiration for Brooks, the instrumentals quickly shifted into a familiar but new tune that prompted the singer to say, “As great as that song is, this is a great song.”

Then, coming out of his country shell, he began to entertain his audience with his own take of Blackstreet’s soulful hit “No Diggity”. The crowd couldn’t hide their excitement as he started out to sing the lyrics, “Shorty get down, good lord/ Baby got ’em up open all over town/ Strictly biz, she don’t play around/ Cover much ground, got game by the pound.”

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I personally loved this and it just goes to say that music is definitely an amazing way to unite different genres and audiences with the right artist.

Fans were definitely amazed, craving for more of Rucker outstanding talent and versatile vocals. You can watch the full video here.


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