October 23

Flashback: Darius Rucker’s Glorious Cover of Two Great Songs

This month last year, country music singer Darius Rocker charmed the audience at the Apollo Theater in Harlem with a solo show. In this performance, he did not only showcase his unique country singing style that brought him to greater heights. Also, he honored his fellow country musicians with his remarkable takes of their songs. Specifically, Rucker was able to give justice to Garth Brooks’ and Blackstreet’s songs. His glorious renditions of “Friends in Low Places” and “No Diggity” certainly received thumbs up from the original singers.

The Glorious Performance

Rucker wears jeans, a black polo shirt with matching cowboy boots and a baseball cap. Apart from serenading the ground with his rich, round, and tone-filled vocals, the singer also displayed some charming dance moves. Often, he would raise his arms from his sides and hobble his feet back and forth. The audience, most of them are whites, were in full support to him hollering in much delight.

While country music wasn’t his first genre, he was grateful to country radio for giving a chance “to an aging pop star.” Rucker was once the front man for the American rock band Hootie & the Blowfish. He founded the said group when he was an undergraduate at the University of South Carolina in 1986.

Prior to his performance of “Friends in Low Places” and “No Diggity,” Rucker raised a shot of whiskey and gave honor to his label.

“Since I’ve been in Nashville, my label has been so friggin’ good to me. To my label!” He added, “I think, when it comes to music and reality, we all just like great songs.”

At the time Rucker was heating the Apollo Theater stage up, his eighth solo album was to be released a few hours.

Watch Darius Rucker’s splendid performance of “Friends in Low Places” and “No Diggity” below.

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