Dan Seals, one of country music’s greatest stars, gave us a melancholic ballad of unrequited love with the small hope of it being reciprocated.

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The song’s title is “Everything That Glitters Is Not Gold” and it is one of Dan Seals’ number one hit. Other than being a great tune, it also tells a story of how the song’s protagonist holds on to the hope that the one he loves would return not only to him but to someone else equally important in his life.

Dan Seals and His Hit

“Everything That Glitters Is Not Gold” is a song that was co-written by Dan Seals and Bob McDill and was released in March of 1986. This song was his third single in his album titled Won’t Be Blue Anymore. On release, this song was one that got a lot of attention from fans because of its relatable story and wonderful ballad.

“Everything That Glitters Is Not Gold” was able to top the charts in both the United States and Canada.

On a more personal note, Dan Seals and this album, in particular, means a lot to me because it was what introduced me to country music. This song along with “Meet Me In Montana” were two of the first country songs that I loved listening to over and over again.

The Story of “Everything That Glitters Is Not Gold”

The song’s story revolves around a man and his daughter along with his estranged wife. His daughter always asked about where her mom was and the protagonist would always fail to answer it or would usually give an unsatisfying answer which hurt him more because his wife didn’t keep in contact. Despite his situation with his wife, he still holds hope that she would return and they would be reunited as a family.

Unrequited love doesn’t always happen before one enters a relationship, the sad reality is that it sometimes happens when the two are already in a relationship. It happens too many times and is a sad time for those who go through it.

This is why this song is a hit. Both the sweet music and the relatable story makes listeners know that they aren’t alone in their struggles.

Listen to the song here and enjoy!