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Dan Seals: Is She Tending to “A Rose From Another Garden?”

Dan Seals: Is She Tending to "A Rose From Another Garden?" 1
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In 2009, one of the most-loved country music artists in the contemporary time has breathed his last. He is no other than Dan Seals. The passion and dedication he has brought for country music was well-received and has become fruitful. His top-selling and chart-topping songs definitely attest to this. While he may have passed, his songs still remain to be iconic and influential, something that leaves a great impact in today’s country music.

If asked what the most popular song of Dan Seals is, many would definitely answer not only one but a number of certain hits. To tell you, he is very much known for the following songs: “Everything that Glitters is not Gold” (1986), “One Friend” (1984), “God Must Be A Cowboy” (1983), “Lullaby” (1980), and a duet with Marie Osmond, “Meet Me in Montana” (1985). To date, these are among his hits that fans love and request the most in radio stations.

Although Dan Seals may not be the typical honky-tonk type of an artist, his music exudes emotions with its melancholic, sentimental, and melodious voice. The storytelling in his songs is very much on point. As always, his songs simply tug at one’s heartstrings.

“A Rose From Another Garden” (1994)

Most of this hits of Dan Seals came about in the 1980’s. While his stardom was being outshone by another rising country music artist that time, Garth Brooks, he did not stop his passion. In fact, in 1994, he released his album Fired Up, which contains another hit, “A Rose From Another Garden.” Another well-loved hit, it absolutely continued Dan Seals’ trademark of singing.

In the song, the man asks if his partner has another lover since he observes that their love is slowly growing dry.

Here’s a taste of the lovely yet sad song of Dan Seals that many would definitely relate to:

Our love was as strong
As a flower in the spring
So full of life and colors
We kept it alive
With tenderness and desire
Trust was our sunshine and water
But lately I find myself praying for rain
For the light of the sun
To bring her home again

Is she tending to a rose
From another garden?
While ours slowly grows dry
Is she tending to a rose
From another garden?
Letting our love die on the vine

LISTEN: Dan Seals 1994 hit and one of his most requested songs, “A Rose From Another Garden.”

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