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Portrayal of God as a Cowboy According to Dan Seals

Portrayal of God as a Cowboy According to Dan Seals 1

A Christians, we undoubtedly know that God created the whole world and everything in it. The Holy Bible tells us so. We cannot thank Him enough for the things, great or small, we have been provided with just so we can experience the fullness of life. For people with appreciative eyes, valuing the beauty of His creations is an infinite task. How perfectly He designed everything with their distinct purpose and reason for being is truly amazing.

Biblical Description of God

Several books from the Bible provide various descriptions of the name of God. The book of Isaiah alone clearly proved this association. For example, God, through His son Jesus, will be called:

“Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9:6).

In Revelation 17:14, He is named “Lord of Lords and King of Kings”. Such titles have been even used multiple times in the Bible. And to further emphasize His splendid being, He was labeled in Deuteronomy 10:17 as “The Great and the Awesome God”. If we dig deeper into the Holy Scripture, we would certainly encounter more of those descriptive titles associated with God.

God Being a Cowboy at Heart

Many gospel songs have in their lyrics some of those biblical passages depicting God in multiple ways. Listening to or singing them is indeed refreshing to the soul. It feels as though you are taking in God’s words in a pleasant-sounding style.

American country singer, Danny Wayland Seals or popularly known as Dan Seals, had a different portrayal of God. Inspired by the simple and quiet life in the countryside, he wrote a song identifying God as a cowboy. And not just a plain cowboy but a cowboy at heart. In this song, Seals highlighted God’s grandiose creation of nature and all its dwelling elements. The song vividly captured the daily life on the farm with its modest characteristics. Having a horse by his side will make a cowboy’s life complete. This was why Seals specifically stressed out a horse being cowboy’s best friend. Although nightlife in the urban areas is just fine once in a while, the song underscored the country’s appealing ambiance that goes beyond limits. This, ultimately, provided comfort and peace of mind.

“People who spend most of their lives in the fields would easily relate to this song and find it meaningful.” 

God Must be a Cowboy is Dan Seals’s first top 10 hit (reaching #10) and the most successful single under his album, Rebel Heart. The song was released in January 1984.



Dan Seals, God must be a cowboy at heart

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