August 11

Dan Seals’ Memories Continues to Live on with His Soft Country Hits

Dan Seals may have breathed his last in 2009, but not the zest of many of his iconic songs. One among them is the “Everything that Glitters is not Gold (1986). It’s a tear-jerker for anyone who can relate. To date, it remains a favorite to be requested in radio stations.

He may not be the honky-tonk type, but something in his melodious, sentimental, and melancholic voice provokes vivid thoughts and a feeling of the depth of the emotions contained in all his story-singing.

Furthermore, besides musical arrangements, he also has a poetic way of weaving words for the lyrics. Three that comes to mind are “One Friend (1984),” “Rose from another Garden (1994),” and “Lullaby (1980)”

All were timeless, and they have never failed to be pervasive the first time they’re played. In fact, they are sort of an anthem in school dances, homecomings, and anniversaries.

Still, I would say that he has successfully created a blend of gentle (soft rock) but bit of perky sounding Country as evident in “I Think God must be a Cowboy (1983),” “Bop (1980),” and “Meet Me in Montana (1985).” Shame though that his style did not prosper for long in the early ‘90s at the rise of another great, country artist, Garth Brooks.

So that’s our very own Dan Seals. He’s a legit, talented artist with a good ear for music and first-rate song writing.

And hey! Since you are here, you might as well check an older Dan Seals rendition of “Everything that Glitters is not Gold”. It’s a little different from the album, but still is awesome! Here’s another catch, other pro country singers of the ‘80’s and ‘90s were there, too! I see Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Gene Watson, and Glen Campbell in the combo. Can you identify the rest?


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