June 20

Dads and Daughters’ “Then They Do” Is Your Father’s Day Country Cure

Fathers with their daughters in a country dance number

To cure your Father’s Day hangover especially if you and your dad are sworn country families, we present you a video of dads and daughters dancing to Tracey Adkin’s “Then They Do.”

Country Song History:

A little background for those who are living under the rock and haven’t heard this heart-warming song of Tracey Adkins:

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“Then They Do” is a song penned by Jim Collins and Sunny Russ. It was produced by Scott Hendricks under Capitol Nashville label.

It was recorded by American country music artist Trace Adkins and it was released in March 2003 as the first and only single from his album Greatest Hits Collection, Vol. 1.

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The lyrics:

Every country father wants to basically use this song for their dance with their debutante on their eighteenth birthday. The lyrics of the song narrates how a daughter’s coming of age and eventually growing up story are embedded in a father’s memory throughout the time. It practically makes the song of the title as a phrase to describe how fast time flies when you watch your kids grow up.

One of the most memorable parts of the song:

“I look over at their pictures, Sittin’ in their frames.

I see them as babies: I guess that’ll never change.

You pray all their lives, That someday they will find happiness.


Then they do, and that’s how it is. It’s just quiet in the mornin’,

Can’t believe how much you miss, All they do and all they did.

You want all the dreams they dreamed of to come true:

Then they do.”

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In the video below, we’ll find an auditorium stage which was filled by six fathers who began dancing when their cute and adorable daughters. They walked and faced them as their dancing partners. Dressed in white ballerina attire paired with their unique head pieces, these babies were superb in overloading the auditorium with warmth and cuteness.

It was surely a heart-melting scene as these daughters began the pirouettes while being supported by their fathers. These toddlers did not shy away from showing their skills in dancing as they were also lifted by their dad while making sure they don’t lose their grace in the process.

Watch the video below:


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