January 23

Gospel Joy II : Daddy Sang Bass

Why do I ask? Well, I and my peers back then had those times when we couldn’t wait for the children Sunday school to be over. It’s not because we didn’t enjoy being part of it. It’s just that we were so looking forward to watching the choir sing. We’re just that fascinated to hear voices in four parts. What always catches our attention is the singing of bass. We could not help but giggle and laugh at the deep, booming voice. After the choir part’s done, we’d be out playing in the churchyard and for fun, we mimic the man who sang bass.

A short story told, here’s a classic which I first heard performed by Johnny Cash and The Carter Family. It was a hit back in 1986 and been on the country chart for a total of 19 weeks. The version picked though isn’t Cash’s. It’s from another gospel singing group and they were really good with this one. Have fun!

Dailey & Vincent in “Daddy Sang Bass”

Did you have a good laugh, too? I know this will get you. Sometimes, we need one of those days when we could also sing with a merry heart like these guys. Sure, they poked fun at each other. Nevertheless, that did not devalue the reverence this song so richly deserves.

A Tune for Serenity

Like the family in Daddy Sang Bass, hard times, poverty, illness, and loss daily beset us. But when we’re in the faith, we have this pure joy that oftentimes sets us singing from the heart. It’s less of self-soothing and getting by, though. We’re just at peace in our Lord’s presence to worry much. Our bodies have needs, yes, but did He ever fail to provide? He knows what need and he promised to take care of us.

No more moping then folks. Why would you let your joy got stolen by present troubles? They will pass.


bluegrass, gospel, Gospel Joy

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