July 18

Billy Ray Cyrus Re-Invents Himself in THE GODDESS OF DEMOCRACY

Billy Ray Cyrus Re-Invents Himself in THE GODDESS OF DEMOCRACY 1
Billy Ray Cyrus (image from billboard.com)

Cyrus: A country singer-songwriter and a philanthropist

Billy Ray Cyrus gathered his thoughts about the events currently circulating around our nation, and put them into a rousing and thought-provoking anthem titled, “The Goddess of Democracy.” Ever since he was a young boy, Cyrus admits being a “real deep thinker and stuff.” And this quality is evident in his new song.

“The Goddess of Democracy” allude to religious icons and political issues that are bound to leave questions about the state of our great nation. Further, Cyrus intentionally premiered the song during the celebration of Independence Day on the Fourth of July, as his way of expressing his sentiments on the multifaceted concerns faced by humanity these days.


Talk about freedom boys
Wouldn’t you love to have some now
When you gonna make that choice
The golden calf or the sacred cow?

The paranoia of prophecies
Require we sedate
So I hid my dreams and memories
Before it got too late
I won’t deny
I liked to cried
Guess it was her fate

A Song that Ignites Patriotism

Billy Ray Cyrus Re-Invents Himself in THE GODDESS OF DEMOCRACY 2
She was a rallying symbol for protesting students in Tiananmen Square. And when the tanks came rolling in, the Goddess of Democracy crashed to the ground. (image from The Daily Beast)

And if you’re wondering about the title, it actually came from World History. “The Goddess of Democracy” is linked to the Tiananmen Square event that happened in China, in 1989. The figure of a defiant woman holding a torch has become a rallying symbol for the divided protest movements that were demanding for justice, fairness, and equality. The song makes you have a list of events that rages your concern to the motherland. The power of Cyrus unleashes that patriotism hoarded inside of you.

On social media, Cyrus shared the timely and relevant video with some thoughts to ponder:

“On this #4thofJuly I wanted to share this thought from my new band. It’s a sneak peek only up for 24 hours. Hope this brings some perspective and stimulates patriotism and loyalty to our beloved America.”

Billy Ray Cyrus is currently on the road, touring across the globe. He has been performing for almost three decades now. And undeniably, his audience is still mesmerized by the undying effect of his hits that include “Some Gave All,” “Achy Breaky Heart,” “Could’ve Been Me,” and many more.

After watching this video, we would truly appreciate if you share how the song affected you. Enjoy watching!


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billy ray cyrus, The Goddess of Democracy

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