October 30

Curly Putman and “Green Green Grass of Home:” One of the Greatest Country Songwriters of All Time

“Green Green Grass of Home” and His Legacy

We all know and love the classic “Green Green Grass of Home” sung by none other than Porter Wagoner. But, we do not often stop and think about the man who penned the song: Claude “Curly” Putman. The lyrics that he transcribed are graciously poignant. It takes its listeners from simple nostalgia to a feeling something akin to grief and sympathy. The twist at the end just gives it that punch of real life as we can’t exactly expect happy endings from it.

Besides, Curly Putman has successfully delivered what a country song should do to you with “Green Green Grass of Home.” It takes you in for a ride through life, even though it’s only for a short while.

Putman was an artist. He was dedicated to his craft, and everyone around him knew and respected that. He wrote a long list of hits during his lifetime. It includes “He Stopped Loving Her Today,” “Dumb Blonde,” and “My Elusive Dreams.” Several artists have gone on and released his songs and continue to do so today.

He has been a member of the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame since 1976 and has been inducted into the Alabama Music Hall of Fame in 1993. He won several CMA Song of the Year awards for his songs.

Listen to his most iconic song here!

His Life and His Passing

Claude Putman Jr. was born in raised in Princeton, Alabama, on a mountain. His father worked in a local sawmill which Putman also worked in after school. He went to college before joining the U.S. Navy. He stayed there for four years before beginning his career writing songs for Nashville’s Tree Publishing.

And the rest is history.

It was a sad time for country music when this legend passed. Putman died on October 30, 2016, at his home in Tennessee at age 85. The causes were congestive heart failure and kidney failure. He died three weeks before his birthday.

And today, we celebrate the achievements and the brilliance of one of the most talented people Nashville has ever seen. Rest easy, Curly. We know you’re home now. 


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